Bodies and Boundaries is a two day online screening event curated by Eliza Brady. Eliza is a practicing artist who worked with Cinenova as Distribution Intern between 2019-2020.

Six films from the Cinenova collection will be shown, each linked by their investigatory considerations of womxns’ bodily autonomy or the lack thereof.

The selection uses experimental, documentary, autobiographical, animation & fiction filmmaking techniques that render womxn’s bodies and work against the disciplining of gender conformity.

Bodies and Boundaries probes binary categories of innocence and cruelty, purity and contamination, desire and repulsion, subversion and obedience, life and death. The programme aims to uphold the unceasing importance of providing a platform for working/living womxn artists in a realm that has under-served them throughout history. Eliza is delighted to take on the role of caretaker, mindfully moving artists’ work from private to public territory.

With thanks to Artsquest and Chelsea College of Arts’ World On A Wire for their support with this project.

Bodies & Boundaries 2021 has now ended. Please see below for further resources, zine by Eliza Brady and a link to donate to Cinenova, from whom this selection of films has been sourced. 

Thank you for attending.